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Dyed Gateway Platinum Illusion (177g)

Dyed Gateway Platinum Illusion (177g)

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Dyed Gateway Platinum Illusion

Custom Dyed

The Illusion is faster than both the Spirit and the Speed Demon but less stable than either of them. This disc will fly forward very fast and hyzer back a bit at the end of its flight.

The Illusion is very easy to throw; it can be thrown at 70% power and will amaze you with how far it can fly on so little effort.

This disc is great for sidearms, tomahawks, and any distance throw.

Flight Numbers: 12 | 5 | -.5 | 2.5

Platinum (P)
The Platinum blend is made with different ratios of TPU (Thermo-Plastic-Urethane) and a co-polyester TPE (Thermo-plastic-Elastomer). Producing a durable disc that is a bit more grippy on the surface than pure TPU. Platinum discs are always solid in color and are slightly less stable than Diamond and more over stable than Suregrip.
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